Aluminum Signs

Mark your property, direct traffic flow in a parking lot, or put your property up for sale with bulk printing aluminum signs. Durable and water-resistant aluminum signs can withstand the elements, so your message lasts long.

Available in two corner options (rounded or straight-cut), aluminum signs are lightweight and easy to set up. Add hole drilling for easy display.

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Aluminum Composite Options 

  • White Aluminum Composite– Simple but elegant, standard aluminum is a durable material suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Rust-resistant aluminum also has a semi-gloss finish that focuses on your business name or message.  
  • Brushed Aluminum Composite – This is made from 3mm brushed aluminum e-panel material with UV printing. Each panel is composed of two aluminum sheets with a reinforced polyethylene core. 

Here’s a quick guide to see the differences between each type:
White Aluminum White Reflective Aluminum Brushed Aluminum Aluminum Reflective Aluminum
Material finish Glossy white on both sides Glossy white on both sides with a reflective vinyl laminate Metallic brushed finish on both sides Smooth aluminum surface Smooth aluminum surface with a reflective vinyl laminate
Maximum size 48” x 96” /  48” x 96” /  48” x 96” / 24” x 36” / 24” x 36”
Coating option Gloss lamination, Matte lamination
Printed sides Front and back Front only Front only Front and back Front and back
Best used for A white base offers the most flexibility for printing. Can be used anywhere. Outdoor directional, roadside, and warning signs. Offers a sleek and premium look. Best for company signs and offices. Perfect for stores, offices, and building exteriors. Outdoor directional, roadside, and warning signs.

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